Seungri, Glory and TPA heated up Cove Manila

Kpop fans partied all night till sunrise at Cove Manila, June 3, 2018.

Bigbang and now YGX CEO, Seungri, along with Natural High Records (NHR) Djs, Glory and TPA blew the roof on fire as they blasted remixed Bigbang and kpop songs that made us groove, scream and lose our mind (if that’s cool with you).

As many other kpop superstars who had fallen in love with the Philippines’ crazy loud crowd, Seungri also expressed his love for the Filipino fans saying “It’s been a long time. I feel I’m back home”

Guess he misses his hyungs a lot, just like any of us as he played Eyes, Nose, Lips, Crooked and Good Boy. Our Bigbang heart jumped into joy, and the singing intensified while hearing his own mix of their mega hits: Fxxk it, Bang Bang Bang and Fantastic Baby.

Seungri also hinted about his near comeback, and a possible Manila stop for his concert! “My solo album is coming out on July”
“I have 10 amazing songs for you guys”
“I promise you guys I will back soon with my solo song for my solo concert here in Manila!”

Checkout some of the videos and photos during that insane night:


Photo courtesy of Cove Manila Official Facebook Account


Photo courtesy of Cove Manila Official Facebook Account


Photo courtesy of Cove Manila Official Facebook Account

YG recently announced Seungri’s first solo concert, “Seungri 2018 1st Solo Tour ‘The Great Seungri’ in Seoul.” to be held at Jangchung Gymnasium, August 4 and 5.

OMG YA’LL. Seunglord is coming.

Korean Buffet Under 500: Donday Korean Restaurant

The flourishing korean culture in the Philippines mainly brought about by Kpop and K-Drama draws Filipino to everyone’s first love – food.

Korean food, in my perspective is overall a colorful, healthy, and fresh dish. Some can even be so versatile that you can add noodles, rice, and vegetables to the broth. (Thanks to Home Food Rescue, 3 Meals A day and all of TVN’s cooking show, I was able to learn more about kfood)

Korean restaurants are now abundant in the metro, commonly with grills for meat and wide selection of authentic korean dishes – and Donday is a no exception.

Donday Korean Restaurant has a branch in Antipolo, just lying along the circumferential road. It is located at the 2nd floor with really narrow staircase – not advisable for wheelchairs.

Upon entrance, the korean couple and the staff will kindly greet you. Its homey ambiance is just  perfect if you’re planning to eat for longer hours while having a nice chat with your friends. The dining area is not intimidating at all – as it seems the place is really designed for family and friends gathering.

Just tell the staff what package are you availing upon entrance.

PHP 199 – Unlimited Buffet only (with no grilled meats)
PHP 299 – Unli Buffet + Unlimited Pork
PHP 399 – Unli Buffet + Unlimited Pork and Beef

For a very budget friendly buffet, do not expect so much of a variety – but Donday makes sure to have balance and freshly cooked meals ready everytime.

The buffet includes (but not limited to): plain and fried rice, eggdrop and seaweed soup, korean style fried chicken, chapchae, Gyeranmari (omellete rolls), kimbap rolls, fish fillet, spicy musell stew, Wanja-jeon (fried tofu), Buchujeon (Vegetable pancakes with chives), Meat Patty, Potato salad, stir friend spinach, the all-time favorite, kimchi and a bibimbap and samgyeopsal station loaded with all the lettuce, sauces, and spices you need. – It’s really “sulit” considering the price of the buffet.


My friend’s third plate.



Kyaaah! Unlimited Pork~!


An instagrammable Samgyeopsal~! Yum!

You can also order Soju (100php / bottle) and 1.5 liters coke (75/bottle). Desserts include fruits slices (included in the buffect) and korean ice creams.


SoJu shots!

Wrapping it up, our DonDay experience has always been wonderful the reason why we keep coming back. The staff are always attentive, friendly and polite. The place and ventilation is decent enough, and the meals all tasted savory and freshly crafted.

Oh, and there’s no service fee I might add.

Visit Donday Korean Restaurant for an authentic korean grill experience.

How to get to Donday:
From Antipolo Church, or anywhere in Antipolo Town Proper, grab a tricycle and tell him to drop you off at Donday/La Salle Antipolo. Fare is 10php/person or 20php if you’re alone.
Donday is a few blocks away from Max’s.

Donday is open everyday, 10AM – 9:30PM.


Le Hugry Friends








KPUB BBQ Restaurant Meat All You Can Review : A Daebak Heaven from Korea!

After the long weeks of craving, I finally got to try Kpub korean eat all you can in Trinoma! For my undying love for the korean culture, I should experience the hype myself!

With its bright, purple-ish theme, its impossible  to miss their spot in Trinoma! I daresay, they effectively chose an inviting color that attracts hungry monsters like me! haha

Their meat all you can ranges from Php 499, 699, 899, and 999.


Part of Kpub’s menu, got from zomato 🙂

As for us, I called three days prior to our visit and immediately got a positive response. I asked If I can be seated next to Bigbang’s poster and they willingly said yes! *fangirl mode is sooo ready*

Make sure you got your slots reserved too avoid hassle and to be able to maximize the three hours limit, for that full gastronomic satisfaction.

Upon entering, the staff greeted us with a smile and politely assisted us until we got our table. It was just a 5-minute-wait! Very fast considering the flock of people inside.The pub was full house and the couches are full of waiting guests! Talking about the convenience of reservation! *wink* *wink*

To my dismay, we were seated in front of the big screen and not near the Bigbang’s poster, it was a bit sad, but hey! I came here for the food, so I shook it off and took note to remind the staff about my request. Its just my considerate side because I can’t imagine myself running in circles attending to the need of every hungry patrons.

We were handed the menu, but they offered to just serve everything and their best sellers so we won’t be troubled speaking the name of korean dishes we want.

I’ll give them 4 stars for a very fast and accommodating service! Our food came by bundles until they looked like this!

Delish side dishes! There's kimchi, raddish, sweet potatoes, anchovies, and lots more!

Delish side dishes! There’s kimchi, radish, sweet potatoes, anchovies, soup, and lots more!

Let the grilling commence!

Let the grilling commence!

Food is heavily pouring down as the staff puts something new on the table like every minute!

There’s calamari, spring rolls, kimchi pancake, bulgogi pizza, and so so so much more! The selection are so many you may want to extend your table! We started with five different plates of meat! Rice is also available in plain and the divine bibimbap!

Tasty ribs!

                  Tasty ribs! Anyone?

Oh, enjoy your food along with the kpop music video they play! I have to applaud myself for eating while singing along to AKMU’s 200% (It must be L.O.V.E 200% sure of that! I want you baby I mean really..) and lots more! Remember my fangirl request? I may not be seated near to the Bigbang’s poster, but…



Holy cow! Its G-freakin’ handsome and talented and rich DRAGON! I swear I almost flipped the table when I heard, “Yeogi buteora, modu moyeora~ We gon’ party like, lilililalala~” I can’t help the VIP within me, sorry!

Complimentary ice cream of your choice are served for desserts 🙂

Overall, the food were all amazing! Of course, the meat are of superior taste and quality! I would really really love to come back to this place 🙂 It’s a haven for kpop fans whose tummy are always hungry! (Oh, yeah, just like me!)


Ark Avilon Zoo : Euphoric Animal Encounter

Craving a quick getaway without leaving the hustle and bustle of the city? Why not spend a whole day with our furry, scaly, feathery adorable friends? Of course there is Manila Zoo, but if you’re looking for an extra challenge without going the extra mile, then there’s (drumroll please! ^^)

Ark Avilon Zoo, the ONLY indoor interactive zoo in the Philippines, accessibly located at Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue corner C-5, Pasig City, Philippines. (Near Tiendesitas) Click here for directions!

Tickets are priced 400 pesos per person, we got ours half the price (Yey to Metrodeal!) So I suggest you do the same 🙂 I think they are always on promo naman, so check out first!

If you came with a dslr, register it first. Declare it to the ticketing lady and she’ll give you a form. Fill it out and you shoot away! She didn’t gave any further instructions on the use of cameras, but I suggest to turn off the flash so our cutie friends won’t be distracted.

What will welcome you are the birds, in all sizes, in all colors! We were surprised they are not in the cage and they are free to fly from pole to pole! (I wonder why they don’t try to escape though, teehee ^^) There are macaws, parrots, and Nigel! The kontrabida from Rio! 🙂 If you want to take photos with birds on your shoulders and fingers, pay 50php and present your stub to the designated trainor.


Boy they are heavy! :3

11042974_10204065569021546_4955843331511965212_nWe looked to the right side and got scared.

Yes, its a white tiger looking straight at us!


Scary, but looks so fab! 🙂 I wanna keep it ^^

The large fishpond houses so many koi (?) fishes, and you can feed them! They are selling feeds for 40php 🙂

And the fun never stops! There are jackals, bear, “andy” and “mercy” the penguins, tigers, leopard, squirrels of many kind, turtle, “ayla”, the bearcat, “tyson” the burmese python, lions and eagles! Their claws are really made for preying activities, so I dare not to go any closer, as I might end up kalbo!


The stance of a superior.

Of course, the star is just walking around the first floor, say hi to Jenny, the lovable Bornean Orangutan! If you want to touch and take photos with her, you have to pay 50php too! 🙂 She’s so cute but her teeth are way bigger than yours!


“First you say you won’t. then you say you will.. “(Jenny, The Click Five) PUN INTENDED.

Are you ready to go now? Wait! There’s more!

As you climb up to the stairs, you’ll see the alligator snapping turtles 🙂

The 2nd floor is also known as the “Farm Land”. Present are the meerkats and snakessssss..

Each are housed in an aquarium, and not so intimidating since they are still not the long-nangangain-ng-tao size. 🙂


Freshly peeled.

Farm smell! yes! There are guinea pigs, rabbits, donkey, sheeps, goats, black pigs, more birds and “Busty” the white, doe-eyed, cutie pony! You can feed the goats kangkong, cost is 20 pesos, and give milk bottles to the sheep for only 50 pesos! 🙂 hold the bottle tight cause they’re strong! You might loose the bottle and pay for it.

As an overall experience, it was really a bliss to get to interact with the not-everyday-we-see-animals. It makes me wonder how they are able to cope up with this kind of set up, passing people, pressing their faces in.. are we not scaring them the same way they do to us? When you visit here, please take time to give love and happiness to them in return.  The interaction was surreal as I got to feed them, and learned to be gentle to every kind. I hope this kind of place makes you think more of caring and know what harmony is 🙂

Ark Avilon is open Monday – Sunday, 9:00am to 6:00pm



– Xo,


D’ Angelo Pizzaria : Ambiance and Food Greatness In One

That day, our curious hungry tummies led us to D’ Angelo Pizzaria, located at the ground floor, south wing of Mall of Asia. It was dinner time so we decided to get some “light meal” after a heavy weight lunch.

So what made us notice D’ Angelo Pizzaria? while looking around, we had a glimpse of their menu. Surprised by how affordable the foods are, despite of the cozy, relaxing ambiance inside, we decided to give it a try.

Upon entering, I was really overwhelmed by its amaziiiiing interior that definitely feels like home. I instantly fell in love with the wall decos, along with the hanging shelves. It was a restaurant like no other, aside from the library, I think geeks and introvert would like this cozy little space for some chitchat, reviewing, or for a quiet time for reading. I also would like to commend the friendly staff they have! they are attentive and accommodates requests fast! A double thumbs up for that!

Everything I want my room to be! :)

Everything I want my room to be! 🙂

And now for the fun-post-that-will-make-you-hungry part,

Drinks were served in a cute, medium sized, mason jars! It’s crafty, and genius!

Mason Jars <3

Mason Jars ❤

We had caesar salad for appetizer. It was really good, not too much vinaigrette. The greens were crispy and I can tell you that it seasoning was spot on! Boyf, being the caesar salad fanatic rated this 2nd best. Close to Rack’s.


D’ Angelo’s Caesar Salad! 🙂 Price is 120 php

Me, as the diet conscious (?) ordered pasta. I just love garlic and cream together! and I think I’m one of the small number of people who loves garlic pasta.  So I got myself a Garlic Cream Linguine!

2 slices of bread was served; monster ate one. Price is 155php

2 slices of bread was served; the monster ate one. Price is 155 php


The serving was enormous! 2 to 3 people can share this plate! (3, when you are with not so hungry friends) It has that authentic, fragrant garlic aroma, with crispy bits. One thing it lacks is meat, I don’t know, but I’m looking for texture while eating this, nonetheless, I still very much enjoyed this pasta haven! 9/10 for the superb taste! 🙂

Boyf, being the usual rice person ordered Chicken Katsu. According to him, it was like no other Katsu. It was moist, tender, crispy and very tasty! Everything you want your katsu to be! (and I did just a little poetry!) The sauce was also great! right balance of tangy and sweet.

The praised Chicken Katsu. Price is 196 php.

The praised Chicken Katsu. Price is 196 php.

Overall, it was a superb, fancy, and delicious trip to D’ Angelo Pizzaria. Their food was perfect from place, up to its taste and much more, with the affordable price! We’ll come back again, that’s no doubt! And oh, the “light meal” I told you at the first part? FORGET ABOUT THAT! 🙂



Credits to zomato for the price list I used as a reference! 🙂 Check it out here.

View Park Hotel Tagaytay Review : Our Sweet Escape

Remember I told you I’ll be writing a separate review on our View Park Hotel experience?

Well tadaaa! Here it is.  I actually made a brief feedback via travel advisor which will be found here.

I went hotel scouting weeks before our trip. (Yes! like 2 weeks before? I was really excited that time!)

View Park hotel ranked number 2 among all the hotels in Tagaytay, and rave reviews were pouring!

I also fell in love with the landscape and pool! We totally forgot that our budget for hotel is supposed to be around 2000 php only, but screw limits! its our anniversary so we should not mind the one time expense!

Good thing Boyf lives in Bacoor, so he went there to personally book. We got ourselves the deluxe room. Cost is Php 3,500.

He told me that the staff were very friendly and the lobby was cozy and beautiful. That really made me want to jump out of my bed and go straight to Tagaytay!

Fast forward, chaaaaaraaaaaan!

After our scrumptious lunch, we went to check in and didn’t notice that we were an hour earlier. We were immediately informed that they are still preparing our room, and since check in is at 1:00, we opted to past time at the picnic grove where I got my first evaaah fish spa!

Back to the hotel, they are so warm that they even gave us complimentary  four seasons juice while waiting in the lobby – and mind you, its not the usual powdered four seasons in the market. Absolutely refreshing!

and there came the surprise! now that’s why they got a bit late as they were preparing MY FLOWERS and MY ROSE PETALS!  yes,they’re  all mine! *evil laugh*

Well of course I cried, I cried because I’m one hell of a lucky girl!

Going back to the review, (haha)


A happy me w/ the flowers and all! and the sheet smells good too!

We were also welcomed by complimentary coffees, a basket full of treats and a mini ref full of beverages! I particularly enjoyed the ref, because it was really useful during our stay, we were able to store our left overs and eat ’em the next day! (ka ching! ka ching!) not to mention that its really clean and cute too! 🙂

10801617_884843534862270_4241666655712752303_n 10787_884843624862261_1286168586097471652_n

T’was Saturday evening, and they were so nice inviting us to join their acoustic night at red lemon grill, just beside view park. Sadly, we are set to go to Skyranch so we missed the first part of the gig. When we got back, the band is in their last set already – and as much as we wanted to watch, our take out dinner might get cold, so we just let it passed. The music is heard across the room anyway, which some found annoying – but we did enjoy the serenading band as we lie on our comfy beds though.. 🙂
I originally wanted to dip in the pool before going to bed, but maaan! it was unbelievably cold! so yeah, poor me. (Sings let it go, let it gooooo!)

And there comes the morning. Room reservation comes with complimentary breakfast buffet for two. As we go down, cheerful “good morning” greetings from the staff was heard. They never failed to greet us everytime we pass by the lobby! *Gives the staff a two thumbs up* Some of them were really kind to guide the way, and offers umbrella too, as it was drizzling that morning.

We arrived at their breakfast hall, and as expected, courteous staff were there and made us feel at home. From bread, pancakes to rice, and unlimited coffee, its impossible that your will leave with unsatisfied stomach. I’ll rate the food taste 8/10, and service a 10 out of 10! They also gave us complimentary fruit platter as anniversary gift! Everyone was so kind that (sorry I forgot the name) even ordered to have my coffee replaced as it was already cold, (but it was entirely my fault, they serve their coffee pretty hot!) They even took a snapshot of us and told that its for our souvenir.


Free fruit platter! yay! 🙂 So much thanks to View Park for making our anniversary happier 🙂

And before I end this post, sure its a hotel – it is expected that they sell service. But it was different in View Park Hotel, it really felt like a genuine care and you can tell that it was everyone’s passion. What’s more impressing is they tend to their customers very well! Imagine I demanded hot water, ice bucket, additional glasses and utensils, reheat our pizza the next day, and they even helped us with our spilled drinks at the lobby (haha clumsy us! sorry) but all were properly taken care of! So, kudos to all the hard working and passionate people in this hotel! 🙂

We got a photo magnet (the picture that was taken during breakfast) and a cute bag tag at check out! Thank you View Park! We will definitely come back… 🙂



Traversing the breath taking mountains of Kalinga (Innovatronix’ CSR Review)

Red and green all over, cold wind, bright lights and carols. Yes, it’s Christmas season once again. The city is in full swing preparation – and the year will be ending soon. The past months has been overwhelming and blessings keep on coming, but have you realized when to give back?

This realization lead us to traverse through the rough road and mountainous land of the north – Kalinga. The journey’s aim is to help the less fortunate students of Southern Tinglayan National Highschool. We are set to give them a complete, quality studio-like ID picture – free of charge.

It was a long, 10-hour drive from Antipolo to Mt. Province, and 4 more hours to reach Kalinga. 14 hours of travel, hours of headaches, hours when we have to endure hunger for moment, and 14 excited hours to deliver service to our dear students.

Going to the school was a challenge for all of us. The road was narrow, rocky, and some parts of the high way have no barriers, letting you see the vast green forest. I never thought that fear and amusement may co-exist – not until that moment I saw the majestic greens all over the mountains, and the fact that we are 1,700+ meters above sea level. Truly, priceless. This was a view you get once in a lifetime, and I’m glad I had the chance.


The trip was a joy to experience – no tall buildings, no huge billboards, no traffic – just plain nature and welcoming residents. Chickens and native pigs running, edible plants all around, large portions of rice fields. A different way of life that’s refreshing and a life I was so curious about. Simple, but why its seems so complicated?


No rough road can stop us!

“Love your child, no to tribal war” It was not the kind of sign we usually see on the streets. It’s a strong statement that amplifies fear and caution. This unusual sign stirred my interest. Why a sign like this was way up there? What history does this magnificent paradise sits on? Through the course, I have learned that head hunting was a way of life and a common practice among the people of Kalinga way back ages ago. “Kalinga” was derived from the Ibanag word that means “headhunters” The strong discernment of the people in tribe loyalty and membership paved way to brutal and constant killings. Even Whang-od (Kalinga’s last mambabatok/tattoo artist) was a victim of the head hunting days. Her lover was beheaded leading to speculations why she never married. The rich culture, nature, and talents of the Kalinga warriors protected them from invasions of Americans, Japanese, and Spaniards – making Kalinga a province with untouched traditions and native norms.


We are only few kilometers away from the school until I saw these children probably on their way too. I can’t help but to salute their perseverance and desire to learn, even if they have to walk several mountains away to school. I just wish they would not change this mindset when they grow old; still striving so they would have a better future.


As we are getting nearer our destination, the team was really excited to see “sleeping beauty”, and no, we are not talking about the disney princess. Kalinga’s sleeping beauty was a mountain view that was perfectly molded as Aurora, the sleeping princess in the tale most of us grew up on. It was a pleasant sight, and Kalinga never failed to amaze me once again.


See that? amazing right? 🙂


Finally, we arrived at Tinglayan High School. The students were already waiting outside and looks very excited as we are. Without asking for any, the bigger kids offer help in unloading our heavy equipment. Everyone was at gaze while we are setting up. I guess its not everyday they have visitors like us, and the fact that they will be finally be having their ID pictures taken.

We brought our top equipment to ensure that they will be getting the same quality pictures like those in a professional ID studio; two units of softbox kit, the latest Tronix Explorer500Li to power an Elinchrom D-Lite 400 flash system, and another 500Li to supply our two Epson T60 printers. A new product – P-dock, to run the two units of YongNuo 560 III flash guns, and a lenovo netbook for editing. According to one of the teachers, the school year might end without the student’s Ids. As he says, taking an ID picture cost so much (50 Php at least) and most of the students cannot afford the value. Plus, no one goes to their school to have their photos taken due to the unbelievable distance, unless the students are the ones who will go to the town which is 10 mountains from their homes. Upon hearing, I felt gladness that I became part of this project.

The activity went very well. The students were shy at first, so we have to joke around and make them feel that at ease. All smiles are on the camera, on us, and on their classmates. Surely, that took the sense of tiredness the team felt. Taking their pictures, handing out the print out, and them saying a warm thank you was a feeling to treasure. Indeed, a merry Christmas! 🙂

4 Years of Happiness : Our Tagaytay Getaway

November 9, 2014 – we recently celebrated our 4th year anniversary! *no, no wedding bells yet* and due to the really tight schedule, we opted to celebrate in a nearby yet refreshing heaven, Tagaytay City.

Tagaytay is our go-to place when we want to unwind and celebrate small achievements. But everytime we visit, we make sure that we get to try something new.

From Bacoor, Tagaytay is just a cab and a bus away, but if your’e from Manila, I suggest the van terminal in Starmall Edsa, for a hassle free vacay! 🙂

After 2 hours of travel, tadaaaa! we got off at the jeep terminal before reaching Olivarez  Rotonda. Our first stop is People’s Park in the Sky. Jeepney fare is 10php.

Aaaand Hello People’s Park in the Sky! The place was like a ruined palace. The rustic, old, and a bit of creepy feels compliment the scenic view from atop. Climbing was a challenge but it was fun and I’m sure that it will totally be paid off when you get to the peak!  There is also a mini chapel where you can offer prayers and thanksgiving. Candle costs 10 php too. There are also plenty of souvenir items to choose from. The view from the highest mountain of Tagaytay was breath taking.  A great place for relaxation, and photo-ops! Entrance is 30 php.


Can I stay here forever? 🙂


Amazing 🙂

It was nearly 12pm when we decided to leave People’s Park. If you are on a tight budget, might as well avoid riding tricycles – they charge a whooping 70php up to picnic grove! -_- As what we did, you can ride a jeep exactly in front of the entrance of People’s park and get off to the terminal. Fare for each ride is at minimum.

Because of our growling tummies, we chose to just eat at the restaurant in front of the picnic grove. (original plan was to eat bulalo in Mahogany market). When gutom and katamaran calls, its code red. haha! My bad I didn’t took note of the name of the resto, maybe because all I am thinking about that time was FOOD!  We got ourselves o the house specialty bulalo, and sizzling sisig. Each for 250php. Serving was pretty much for 2 persons! and as for the taste? it was divine!


Yummy eh? *Drools*

Next stop: Picnic Grove. What you can find here is a perfect view of the Taal Volcano, lotsa shops, a photo booth with reptiles, a henna tatto shop, a fish spa, horse back riding, and many more! Since I consider ourselves a regular Picnic Grove tambay, I see to it to try everything it has to offer; so I got myself into the fish spa, and boy! that was really daebak! (Deabak is a korean word for amazing/FTW) Fish spa is worth 150. It is a well spent value if you ask me.(More on a separate blog for my ticklish fishy encounter!)


Finding nemo…


As the sun is about to set we checked in at View Park Hotel, which I’ll give a kudos for being one of the best hotels in Tagaytay! and as a super satisfied customer, I’ll write a different entry on our View Park experience.


*Photo From Google*


Boyf werking it ❤








Last in our itenerary was Skyranch! We’ve been here for quite a few times now but it was only then when we found the guts to try their viking! I must say this: This was the best slash the scariest compared to anchor’s away and manila’s (won’t say the name) viking! It gave me the chills, and the feeling of will-I-ever-live-again-after-this HAHA! To shake off the hangover (hangover talaga?) Good thing we decided to eat late; we got ourselves dinner at KFC and Red Engine’s pizza! (YUM!)

and finally, there’s a bazaar of  pasalubong at Skyranch too. Most of the treats are 3 for 100! I got myself a couple of bags for  le family chillin’ at our home 🙂

and that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our first day celebration 🙂